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Day 14

Day 14, originally uploaded by simplysilly.


My son fell in the bathtub the other night, and after I had a minor freak out because I thought he hurt his tailbone (which he didn’t) I was able to calm down and collect a few thoughts. I thought of President Gerald Ford who tripped and fell coming off of a flight shortly after President Richard Nixon resigned. President Ford insisted that the fall be shown to the public so he could illustrate that no one is perfect. Granted, Nixon’s “crime” was a bit more than tripping walking out of an airplane, but people got the point. At any rate, I have been “falling” a lot lately. My hair is falling out, my attitude sucks, my body feels like it’s going to hell. I am attributing all of these sudden changes to hormones finally “normalizing” after having Emme. (the hair falling out what the biggest sign – other than the constant crabbiness). And I just have to remember, everyone falls. But most of us get back up again and brush ourselves off and start over. *sigh* Here’s to a new day tomorrow.


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