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Day 36

Day 36, originally uploaded by simplysilly.


OK so the timing of this post is pretty good given that the newest Twilight Series movie Eclipse is coming out the 29th at midnight.

That is not the intent of this post…however…

This picture is my very sad attempt at talking a twilight photo of the fireflies or AKA lightening bugs. Brighton told his dad the other night that he had to sleep with his shades ope so he could see the lightening bugs. *Sweet* It brought back memories of when I was a kid and used to take my mom’s ball canning jars and poke holes in the lids and spend all evening catching those beautiful glowing critters. For some reason, I though they ate grass, so I always picked a few blades of grass to put in with them. Yes, several neon yellow rear-ended bugs fell victim to my childhood curiosity and well intentioned but often fatal care. I am afraid, this Fourth of July, more poor lightening bugs will fall victim to all the 5 year olds at my house once again this year. As will many of my canning jars. Perhaps I will do me a little research and find out what lightening bugs really eat and we’ll go on a treasure hunt before the fun begins.

I do believe there is a special place in heaven for lightening bugs and their sacrifice.


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