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Day 55

Day 55, originally uploaded by simplysilly.


Our beautiful niece spent the weekend with us. It was nice to have her all to ourselves this weekend! We’re a little greedy. She went to the Cedar Rapids Downtown District Farmers Market with nana Sally and I and the crew and found all kinds of girly, princessey goods (including the flower headband she’s donning). Today her cheer squad is going to be performing at the Cedar County fair and we’re going to go watch her.

She’s grown up to be such a cool girl. She’s artistic, smart, fun and allllll teenager. I look at her and our other niece, Mackenzie, and think back to my own teenage years. Which were difficult, for many reasons, but what teenage years aren’t? I also think back at a time when I spent a few months with my God(ly) parents and Aunt and Uncle (now known as Nana Sally and Papa Tom to my kids) when my dad was ill and my mom with him out of state. I am sure it was trying on them. I know it was. But I appreciate that they did it, and love them for it. I hope that Cerra one day will look at us like I look back and at my Aunt and Uncle today. (positively…fyi…) 🙂


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  1. Nana Sally

    Ahhhh, you made my eyes leak! We’ll never forget that time with you. It was quite an adjustment (and adventure) for all of us but we had a lot of fun, considering the circumstances.

    July 18, 2010 at 3:04 PM

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