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Day 95



When I picked miss up from day care today, I had a bit of a fright.  She wasn’t perky, or sassy, or happy to see me.  She was completely zoned out like she’d taken a huge hit from a bong or drank a glass of beer.  Zoned!  So of course, I freak out a little and call the doctor while I drive to the doctor’s office.  Going through my head that she’d fallen and hit her head or had a siezure.  Yes, she was that zoned.  But none of the above. My wonderful pediatrician fit her in right away and gave her a thorough exam.  Emme has the beginning of a cold and an ear infection.  While I’m not glad she has an ear infection, I’m glad that’s all it is.  So tonight she’s resting by me (and Feebee) in bed so my boob can be at the ready should she need comfort.  *sigh* and I’m having a beer…


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