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Day 96



So originally (to explain the reason for the picture) this photo and post was going to demonstrate my slight OCD issues.  You see, the woman at the front gates of Brucemore doing a nice thing for me by putting the ‘bracelet’ on me, unfortunately put it on crooked.  And loose. On purpose.   So it made me slightly crazy all day.  Not to mention, the sticky stuff was exposed in a small corner so it pulled my arm hair all day, which may or may not explain the remainder of this post…

Now on to the reason of the post.

While walking through the Brucemore Garden and Art Show yesterday with Emme in her Ergo and Brighton sitting on the sit and stand stroller, several people commented on how ambitious I was or how I had my work cut out for me.  But the one that really stuck with me was one woman, probably in her late 70’s, who along with her husband watched me in awe and said to me “you are a dedicated mother…” with big open eyes.  Her husband followed up googling at the stroller “I woulda’ really liked that when I was a little boy.”   Now, I appreciate that people recognize my hard work as a mother, and if they really knew everything moms and dads do nowadays, they’d probably be flabbergasted.  But what got me was her surprise that I *GASP* took my children out into public.  I have the tools and the means to do it, and sure, it would be easier to have left them at home, or easier for  me anyway but I actually rather enjoy my children.

So this post has two attitudes.  One is “Thank you” for acknowledging that we parents work hard, whether we have a paying job or whether we work at home full time raising our children – or in our case, both.  And one is, don’t be so shocked when a parent (me) brings her children out in public.  My children know how to behave in public, my children are (usually) pleasant to be around, my children are polite (most of the time) and I enjoy spending time wtih them.  All that AND I have many tools at my disposal to make my efforts a little less painful.

Even though, it still takes me a good 15 minutes to get in and out of the vehicle…but that’s for another post altogether.


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