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Day 112


September 12 2010

So, Andrew was very sweet and took both the kids out to play while I slept in.  After all, for whatever reason, I was awake again at 3 AM and up until about 6.  Finally fell back asleep and of course it was time for the kids to get up an hour later.  So Andrew took both kiddos, got breakfast for Brighton, kept them occupied, and finally took them outside to play until I woke up.

Well, when I woke up, I noticed that no one was in the house.  I looked outside, and saw Brighton swinging away, and Andrew pushing him, but all I could see was Andrew’s arms swinging and Brighton. So I looked in Emme’s room, she wasn’t there.  I looked in her swing, she wasn’t there, I looked at the bottom of the stairs…no Emme.  Finally, this is what I found.  I love my husband.


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